Escalator Company Tells You How To Ride Escalator Safety Knowledge

Some people take the escalator and extend their feet to the edge of the elevator pedal. As the escalator rises or falls, the upper and the fixed brush move relative to each other. It seems that the dust on the upper can be cleaned like a shoe brush. It is easy to learn. “. ! […]

Fuji Elevator Factory Answers Common Elevator Problems For You

The elevator is an indispensable vertical transportation tool in high-rise buildings. It is large and comprehensive equipment of mechatronics. The following fuji Elevator Factory will come to answer common elevator problems for you. 1. Why does the elevator run? Answer: The elevator has a car and a counterweight. They are connected by a wire rope. […]

The Elevator Manufacturers Introduce The Internal Structure Of The Elevator

Today, the fuji Elevator Manufacturers will introduce the internal structure of the elevator. The summary is the four major spaces, eight systems One of four major spaces The machine room part, the hoistway and the pit part, the car part, and the landing part. Second, eight systems Traction system, guiding system, car, door system, weight […]

Escalator Manufacturer Teach You How To Troubleshoot Escalators

The escalator swallows people, and more and more people are paying attention to elevator safety. Next, you can see these points, maybe you don’t pay attention to it, maybe you are also the first contact, but these are all you should know. The following fuji Escalator Manufacturer will teach you how to troubleshoot the escalator. […]

Escalator Company Manufacturers Share The Cause Of The Elevator Accident

With the development of society, the living standards have improved, more and more buildings have been built, and elevators have been increasing. Of course, elevator accidents have occurred frequently and are shocking. A large part of the reason is that many people lack understanding of elevators or lack of elevator first aid knowledge. Escalator Company […]

Elevator Supplier Takes You To Learn Elevator Civility Etiquette

Elevators are tools that are often used in daily life and work . When traveling with leaders , colleagues , customers or strangers , pay attention to the relevant elevator etiquette . Next , follow the fuji Elevator Supplier to learn the elevator civility etiquette . When taking the elevator , you should follow the […]

The Fuji Elevator Factory Analyzes Why There Is No Signal In The Elevator?

Many people are used to surfing the Internet anywhere, but there are signals in the city. Why do some elevators have no signal when they enter? Today Fuji Elevator Factory¬† came to analyze why there is no signal in the elevator? The material of the elevator is metal, which forms an electrostatic shield so that […]