Some people say that China is entering the stage of aging, and some people say that it is an era of gold. What are the advantages of screw elevators for more and more people to like it? Let’s take a look at the Fuji Elevator Manufacturer .

First, the safety factor is high. In the elevator industry, it is known as the safest home elevator for “never fall”.

Second, the footprint is small. The minimum reserved elevator position is 1000mm*900mm, and the minimum top layer is 2200mm. At present, domestic technology cannot be realized.

Third, there is no need for a pit. Only one-floor thickness is required, which solves a big problem for the duplex building, the hopping floor or the owner door that cannot dig the pit.

Fourth, it can be customized. The imported screw elevator can realize door opening on three sides, customizable door height, color optional and so on.

Fifth, the maintenance cost is low. Elevator maintenance costs are low, depending on the frequency of use, about 2-4 times year maintenance, for your peace of mind! “

Sixth, quality assurance. It complies with European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and European Standard EN81-41, and the whole ladder is guaranteed for 2 years.