In order to maintain the safety of the elevator, our elevator maintenance personnel regularly test the elevator every month. The tester dragged the sack filled with sand and gravel into the elevator. Because the sack was not tightly sealed, the sand was scattered and some of the sand fell into the sump of the elevator. Subsequently, it was seen in the elevator car that the elevator door had not been closed many times, and the elevator was still parked at the 1st-floor position and did not rise. Do the following fuji Elevator Supplier share how to deal with the situation due to foreign matter Carmen?

Although the car door has been closed, the hall door still has a certain gap and is not completely closed. When the elevator control system detects that the door lock is not fully closed, it will be protected by the elevator. Only the manual elimination of the fault in the machine room, in order to clean up the ground, in order to operate normally. The door of the elevator hall cannot be closed normally due to foreign matter. When the control system of the elevator does not detect the door lock closing signal, the elevator enters the protection stop state and cannot respond to the instructions in the car, and the passenger will be trapped in the car.

If the foreign matter jammed is moderate, it may cause the mechanical lock hook part of the hall door to engage, but the electrical contact is not connected. At this time, the door lock gap is too small, the door knife cannot open the hall door, and the personnel will be trapped directly at this time. In the car, the rescue, in this case, is also more complicated and may take a long time.

Correct response:

In the case of a trapped car caused by a foreign cargo jammon, only the maintenance personnel arrived at the scene to rescue, and reset the elevator, clean the foreign objects in the sill, and the elevator was put into normal use.

It is recommended that you use the freight elevator as much as possible when transporting the goods. The ridge of the freight elevator will not be slightly wider than the ridge of the passenger elevator. If you use a passenger elevator, keep the packaging intact to prevent foreign matter from being missed.