Some people take the escalator and extend their feet to the edge of the elevator pedal. As the escalator rises or falls, the upper and the fixed brush move relative to each other. It seems that the dust on the upper can be cleaned like a shoe brush. It is easy to learn. “. !

The full name of “Free Shoe Brush” is “Escalator Safety Brush”, also known as “Apron Board Anti-Clip Device”.

There is a certain gap between the steps of the escalator and between the steps and the upper and lower ends and the surrounding skirts. The gap is not more than 4 mm, but such a small gap will also cause the clothes or children’s fingers, shoes, etc. to be caught. Cause a safety incident. Therefore, the brush is installed in the gap between the escalator skirt and the step, which is a layer of safety protection for the escalator to prevent pinch accidents. Warning that the escalator should not stand on the edge of the escalator, and should stand in the yellow safety line. Preventing mobile phones, coins, keys, etc. from falling into the gap affects the normal operation of the elevator running machine.

Now Fuji Escalator Company to share the correct precautions when taking the escalator:

First, the precautions before landing:

  1. Children and the elderly need to be accompanied by an adult when they are on the escalator.
  2. Do not place the handbag or carry-on weight on the handrail.
  3. do not light the escalator.
  4. Do not use the cart, stroller or carrying extra long and heavy luggage to take the escalator.
  5. Never use a stationary escalator as a stair.
  6. Face the running direction and prohibit reverse walking.

Second, after landing, you must pay attention to:

  1. Do not touch the escalator side baffle and hold the handrail with one hand.
  2. Long skirts, shoelaces, umbrellas, slippers, hole shoes, etc. away from the steps and escalator side baffles.
  3. Never lean your body against the escalator side baffle or handrail.
  4. Never sit still, run and play on the escalator.
  5. Do not extend all parts of the body outside the escalator to prevent it from hitting the outside object.
  6. Adults should ensure that they follow their own children in the right way to ride escalators or moving walkways.
  7. In non-emergency situations, it is strictly forbidden to touch the emergency stop button.

Third, leave the escalator must pay attention to:

  1. Leave the escalator exit quickly.
  2. Never stop at the exit of the escalator. It may be too late for others to dodge, or even hit the other side to cause injury.