Nowadays, urban land is getting more and tenser, so elevators are being built everywhere. Compared with the stairwell, the elevator room not only saves a lot of lands but also can accommodate many residents. However, after the elevator is installed, it is necessary to have elevator maintenance personnel to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance. Otherwise, it is easy to leave a safety hazard. Then, the Escalator Manufacturer will tell you what are some common maintenance items?

First, the motor (if any) cooling fan is removed and cleaned:

  1. After removing the fan cover screw, remove the back cover and clean it.
  2. Check if there is any wind blowing next to the motor when the elevator is running, whether there is any damage and whether it touches the sound of the cover.
  3. Clean the surface powder with a paint sweep, then wipe the fan and surrounding dust with a dry cloth.
  4. Stop the elevator operation, cut off the elevator power supply, and hang the “someone working” and “no-close” signs on the switch handle.
  5. Cover the pan after cleaning.
  6. The test run has no abnormality before it can be put into use.
  7. Cleaning work should be carried out after the elevator has been powered off for 20 minutes.
  8. Stop the elevator and cut off the elevator power.
  9. the control panel cleaning, dust removal first apply the paint sweep to the control panel frame, various components for cleaning. When cleaning the components, do not apply a large force to avoid component wiring or solder joints.

Second, the control panel is clean, dusting

  1. the surface of the electronic board cleaning work, should be more careful and careful, try to use a softer sweeping paint sweep or rag, and the force is relatively small. It is also possible to use an electrical component vacuum cleaner.
  2. While cleaning the control panel, check the installation and fastening of the components in the screen, whether the connectors are properly plugged in, and whether the terminals are secure and reliable.

Third, the contractor, relay inspection

  1. Check if the arc diaphragm is damaged and the installation is good.
  2. Stop the elevator running and cut off the power of the whole machine.
  3. Check whether the main and auxiliary contacts are in contact with one side and whether the contacts are cracked, dirty and worn.
  4. The contractor is artificially attracted, the moving contact should have an overtravel of about 5 mm, and the overtravel can be adjusted by adjusting the position of the contact.
  5. Check whether the contractor and relay wiring are firm and reliable.
  6. Check if the contractor and relay are installed firmly.
  7. After completing the above work, turn on the elevator power supply and operate the elevator normally, and observe whether the above components are normally sucked and released according to their functions.