The escalator swallows people, and more and more people are paying attention to elevator safety. Next, you can see these points, maybe you don’t pay attention to it, maybe you are also the first contact, but these are all you should know. The following fuji Escalator Manufacturer will teach you how to troubleshoot the escalator.

In fact, the dangerous point of the escalator can be summarized as one sentence: the static and dynamic junctions may be safety hazards. There are four such hidden danger points:

  1. Two pedals when going up and down the escalator.
  2. Move the step junction point.
  3. The intersection of the handrail and the handrail facade.
  4. The junction between the apron board and the steps.

How to avoid danger, please remember these points: when you step onto the escalator, you should lean forward slightly, don’t panic; girls who wear long skirts must pay attention to the skirts, otherwise they may get stuck in the gap; walk down the escalator It is also necessary to lean forward and let go in time.

May be encountered: emergency button for life-saving – pressing the emergency button, this may be the last choice and is the last resort choice. Of course, first, you have to find it.

There are usually two kinds of electric elevators that are encountered every day: escalators with steps and no steps.

The position of the emergency button is similar for the escalator with or without steps.

The size of the emergency button is as large as the mineral water bottle cap, red is the main, occasionally yellow, there are all the escalators, and some long-distance escalators will also be set in the middle. However, its most common specific location is in the following three places: the inside of the apron board, the apron board and the armrest fa├žade, and the lower edge of the escalator. Press it and the escalator will stop.

In the event of an accident, such as a fall, hands, and feet caught, the body is involved, etc., immediately press the “Emergency Stop” button (long press until the escalator stops). Don’t panic when looking for a button, first run to the escalator and find it.

After the escalator stops, observe the injury, then dial 120, 119, etc. as needed, and also call the elevator to inform the rescue unit to rescue nearby.

If you are an eyewitness, if you are on the side of the emergency button, you should quickly find the button when someone else has an accident and decisively press it. If you are a faller, please convert yourself to a sideways position as much as possible to avoid secondary serious injuries.