Dangerous action 1: The hand is forcibly dragged by the elevator door.

The small hand is caught in the gap of the elevator door, and if this happens, forcibly pulling the hand may cause more damage. The correct way is that we have to call the rescue call in time so that our professionals can come in as soon as possible to carry out a disassembly operation. ”

Dangerous action 2: Arbitrarily block the elevator door with items

Because waiting for someone to pick up the elevator door, it may be a habitual practice for many people, but there are considerable risks. The actual situation is that when the door is blocked for more than one minute to two minutes, the elevator will force the door to close. If the size of the foreign object is relatively small or relatively thin, so that it does not actually affect the closing of the hall door and the car door lock, once the elevator detects that the door lock is closed, the elevator can normally run up and down at this time, which will result in Accidents of extrusion and shearing occur.

Dangerous action three: pet leash is pulled by the elevator

The dog runs out of the car when the elevator is about to close, and the dog leash is also happening. The correct way is to bring pets and people into and out of the elevator door when taking the elevator.

Finally, attach the top ten safety elevators that the Elevator Manufacturers warns:

  1. Do not kick, squat, squat, and lean on the floor when waiting for the ladder
  2. The user must not put the elevator with fault or unqualified into operation.
  3. Do not blindly enter without seeing the elevator car
  4. The used unit must not hand over the elevator triangle key to undocumented personnel.
  5. Do not squeeze into the car or carry in items when the elevator is overloaded with an alarm.
  6. Don’t panic when trapped in an elevator, call for help immediately, wait patiently, go out on the level
  7. Do not take the elevator (or lift) that expressly prohibits manned loading.
  8. Don’t play, play, jump in the elevator
  9. Do not enter or exit the car during or during the elevator closing process.
  10. 1Don’t let children take the ladder alone