Today, the fuji Elevator Manufacturers will introduce the internal structure of the elevator. The summary is the four major spaces, eight systems

One of four major spaces

The machine room part, the hoistway and the pit part, the car part, and the landing part.

Second, eight systems

Traction system, guiding system, car, door system, weight balance system, electric drive system, electrical control system, safety protection system

  1. Full digital identification of passenger technology (all passengers identify before entering the elevator, including eyeball recognition, fingerprint recognition)
  2. Digital intelligent security control technology (rejecting outsiders through passenger identification system or IC card and digital monitoring equipment)
  3. The fourth generation of machine room elevator technology (the host must be separated from the rail and the car, there is no resonance, the speed can reach 2.0M / S or more, the highest can be used in more than 30 layers.)
  4. Two-way security protection technology
  5. Rapid installation technology (change the past elevator installation method, can be quickly assembled)
  6. energy-saving technology (using energy-saving technology, make the elevator more energy-saving)
  7. Digital monitoring technology (completely using computers for elevator monitoring and control)
  8. Wireless remote control and alarm device (When the elevator fails, the elevator can send fault information to the mobile phone through the wireless device, and send the signal through the mobile phone to simply control the elevator.) The modern elevator is mainly driven by a traction machine (winch) and a guide rail. Counterweights, safety devices (such as speed limiters, safety gears, and bumpers), signal handling systems, cars and hall doors. These parts are installed in the hoistway and machine room of the building. The wire rope friction transmission is usually adopted, the wire rope bypasses the traction sheave, the two ends are respectively connected with the car and the balance weight, and the electric motor drives the traction sheave to lift the car. Elevator requirements are safe and reliable, high transmission efficiency, accurate leveling.