Elevators are tools that are often used in daily life and work . When traveling with leaders , colleagues , customers or strangers , pay attention to the relevant elevator etiquette . Next , follow the fuji Elevator Supplier to learn the elevator civility etiquette .

When taking the elevator , you should follow the principle of first-in , first-out , and consciously queue of / for to avoid crowding . Old ladies should give priority to care for children , and advanced elevators should try to stand in .

For the convenience of you and others , it is forbidden to let the elevator stay on a certain floor for a long time . For those who are about to arrive at the elevator door and have indicated that they are waiting , you can make a proper stop .

Try to keep the elevator quiet , don’t scream or answer the phone . Keep your manner elegant , don’t do too much , don’t stare at strangers , and don’t look around .

Standing at the door of the elevator , you should pay attention to changing the position or avoiding it in time , and do not hinder others from entering or leaving . When you bring your pet into the elevator , pay attention to it and do not affect others .

When the elevator is closed , don’t slam the door or force it in . When the number of elevators is overloaded , don’t be lucky . When the elevator fails in the lift , be patient and don’t risk climbing .