With the development of society, the living standards have improved, more and more buildings have been built, and elevators have been increasing. Of course, elevator accidents have occurred frequently and are shocking. A large part of the reason is that many people lack understanding of elevators or lack of elevator first aid knowledge. Escalator Company   manufacturers share some of the reasons for the elevator accident:

  1. If the elevator car touches a person or thing during the process of closing the door, the door will automatically re-open and will not hurt people. Because the elevator door is equipped with a switch that prevents the person from being caught, once the door touches a person or thing, the switch action prevents the elevator from closing the door, reopens, and then closes the door again. However, it is necessary to remind people that when using the elevator, people do not intentionally use the body or other objects to block the elevator from opening or closing the door normally. This is very dangerous.
  2. The wire rope for elevators is dedicated to elevators, and the state has special regulations and requirements. The configuration of the wire rope is not only to bear the elevator car and the rated load but also considers the magnitude of the traction force. Therefore, the tensile strength of the wire rope is much larger than the load capacity of the elevator. Their safety factors are all above 12, and the general elevators are all With more than four wire ropes, the elevator rope will not break.
  3. If there is a sudden power outage during the elevator operation or the elevator road is faulty, the elevator will automatically stop running and there will be no danger. Because the elevator itself is equipped with electrical and mechanical safety devices, once the power is cut off, the actuator of the electric body will automatically brake, so that the elevator cannot operate. In addition, if the power supply department has a planned power outage, the elevator will be notified in advance, or the elevator will stop running in advance.
  4. The running speed of the elevator should be within the specified rated speed range, whether it is up or down. Generally, it will not overspend. If there is over speed, there is an anti-overspeed device in the elevator control system. At this time, the device will automatically Action to slow down or stop the elevator.
  5. The load capacity of the elevator varies according to the needs. The elevator can only operate within the specified load. When it exceeds, the elevator will automatically alarm and cannot operate.
  6. Can the elevator door open?
  7. The hall door of the elevator cannot be opened outside the courtroom and must be opened with special tools (the tools are mastered by the maintenance personnel). Passengers are not allowed to knock on the door, and they cannot open it. Otherwise, there is a danger of falling into the well.
  8. When you need to take the elevator, you should select the direction button you want to go to the elevator panel. Press the up direction button up and down the direction button. The elevator adopts the method of forwarding parking in the control system. If the elevator is pressed in the opposite direction, the elevator will not stop at this floor.