The elevator is an indispensable vertical transportation tool in high-rise buildings. It is large and comprehensive equipment of mechatronics. The following fuji Elevator Factory will come to answer common elevator problems for you.

1. Why does the elevator run?

Answer: The elevator has a car and a counterweight. They are connected by a wire rope. The wire rope is driven by the traction of the driving device (the traction machine) so that the elevator car and the counterweight move up and down on the inner rail of the elevator.

2. Why is the wire rope of the elevator broken?

Answer: For wire rope elevators used in elevators, the state has special regulations and requirements. The configuration of the wire rope is not only to bear the elevator car and the rated load but also considers the magnitude of the traction force. Therefore, the tensile strength of the wire rope is much larger than the load capacity of the elevator. Their safety factors are all above 12, and the general elevators are all With more than four wire ropes, the elevator rope will not be completely broken.

3. Why is there a danger of sudden power outage during elevator operation?

Answer: If there is a sudden power outage or the power supply line fails during the elevator operation, the elevator will automatically stop running and there will be no danger. Because the elevator itself is equipped with electrical and mechanical safety devices, once the power is cut off, the brakes of the elevator will automatically brake, making the elevator unable to operate. In addition, if the power supply department has a planned power outage, the elevator will be notified in advance, or the elevator will stop running in advance.

4. What should I do if the elevator runs suddenly?

Answer: The running speed of the elevator should be within the specified rated speed range, whether it is up or down. Generally, it will not overspend. If there is over speed, there is an anti-overspeed device in the elevator control system. At this time, the device will automatically Action to slow down or stop the elevator.

5. Why is the elevator car overloaded automatically controlled?

Answer: The load capacity of the elevator varies according to the needs. The elevator can only run within the specified load. When it exceeds, the elevator will automatically alarm and cannot run.

6. Why is it that the folder will cause injury to the person when the elevator is closed?

Answer: During the process of closing the elevator, if the hall door touches people or things, the door will automatically re-open and will not hurt people. Because there is a switch against the family on the door, once the door touches people or things, the switch action prevents the elevator from closing, reopens, and then closes the door again. In addition, the closing force is determined by the extent that it will not be reached.

7. Why can the elevator door open?

Answer: The hall door of the elevator cannot be opened outside the hall. It must be opened with special tools (special tools are mastered by maintenance personnel). Passengers are not allowed to slam the door, and they cannot open it. Otherwise, there is a danger of falling into the hoistway.

8. How to summon the elevator?

Answer: When you need to take the elevator, you should select the direction button you want to go to the elevator panel. Press the up direction button up and down the direction button. The elevator adopts the method of forwarding parking in the control system. If the elevator is pressed in the opposite direction, the elevator will not stop at this floor.

9. Are there any protective measures for the bottom and top of the elevator?

Answer: The bottom of the elevator will cause the elevator car to drive down the first level of the flat layer when the control system fails until it stops on the buffer of the pit. The damper is a guard device provided for this purpose, and the guard device is respectively of a spring type and a hydraulic type depending on the running speed of the elevator. When the car is covered on the bumper, it is called the bottom. At this time, the impact of the damper on the elevator car is relieved, so as not to cause serious damage to the passengers in the elevator.

10. What should I do in the car when the elevator is not working properly?

Answer: When taking the elevator, if the elevator is over speed or the speed is slow, press the red emergency stop button on the control panel. The elevator will automatically stop and notify the elevator maintenance personnel in time.

11. What should I do if I find an odor in the elevator car?

Answer: When it is found that there is the abnormal burnt smell in the elevator car, press the red emergency stop button on the control panel to stop the elevator and notify the elevator maintenance personnel in time.

12. What should I do if I find that the elevator has abnormal vibration and scratching?

Answer: When you are taking the elevator and find that the elevator is abnormally vibrating, shaking, and scraping, press the red emergency stop button on the control panel to stop the elevator and notify the elevator maintenance personnel in time.

13. When the elevator suddenly loses power or malfunctions, what should you pay attention to when trapped in the car?

Answer: When you are locked in the car, you should follow the instructions of the elevator maintenance personnel, and you can contact the relevant personnel through the communication device to solve the rescue. Never slam the door or jump out on your own to avoid danger.

14. What should I pay attention to when entering the car?

Answer: When you enter the car, if the elevator door is open, you should see if the elevator is in the leveling position, or if the car is on the floor, especially when the nighttime light is unclear. May cause damage and should be released as soon as possible.

15. Should the elevator installation and repair unit, maintenance and operation personnel obtain corresponding qualifications?

Answer: Yes. Elevator installation, maintenance, and repair units should obtain the qualification certificate issued by Shunde Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau before they can engage in corresponding work; elevator installation, maintenance, and elevator operators should obtain the operation certificate of specialized personnel and hold the certificate.

16. What kind of emergency situation can the elevator call 110?

Answer: When there is an emergency in the elevator and there are injuries or trapped people, you can call 110.

17. Under what circumstances can the elevator be subject to quality or safety complaints?

Answer: When the elevator often closes, clips people, uneven layers, tops, bottoms, elevator drivers or maintenance personnel have no job permits, drivers are often out of work, there is no inspection certificate in the car or the certificate expires, the elevator has abnormal noise or sound. Abnormal vibration or jitter, abnormal burnt smell in the car, elevator speed is too fast or too slow, maintenance is not timely, there is no communication or alarm device in the elevator car, etc., can make quality or safety complaints.

18. What should be said about the elevator alarm or complaint?

Answer: The specific situation of the elevator should be clarified, and the specific location of the elevator, the owner of the elevator and the contact person and contact telephone of the responsible department, the maintenance unit of the elevator and the contact number should be stated.