Escalators, also known as escalators, or automatic pedestrian elevators, escalators, escalators, are a type of escalator with a cyclical operating ladder, a fixed electric drive that is used to tilt passengers up or down.

Electric ladders are generally inclined. Pedestrians standing on the escalator at the end of the escalator will automatically be taken to the other end of the escalator, and the steps will remain level. The ladder has two handrails that move synchronously with the steps on both sides for the user to hold. Escalators can always walk in one direction, but most can control the direction of travel according to the needs of the time, people flow, etc.

Another pedestrian/transportation tool that is very similar to an escalator is the Automatic Sidewalk. The difference between the two is that there is no step in the automatic walkway; most will only walk on the ground or slightly tilt.

The Escalator Company tells you that the escalator is not strictly classified, and generally has the following six classification :

  1. generally divided into two categories of light and heavy.
  2. according to the decoration of the escalator is divided into transparent unsupported, fully transparent with support, translucent or opaque support, outdoor escalators, and other types.
  3. According to the conveying capacity, it is divided into different step width, lifting height and inclination angle. The transport capacity is divided by the number of passengers transported per hour.
  4. According to the driving method, it is divided into an end-driven escalator (or chain-type escalator) and an intermediate-driven escalator (or a rack-type escalator).
  5. According to the form, it is divided into a ladder type with manned persons and a slope type suitable for trolleys in a large supermarket.
  6. according to the operating frequency is divided into equal speed operation and frequency conversion type (almost pause when no one).